Pride Jazzy Elite ES-1

The Jazzy® Elite ES-1 delivers a reliable blend of power, performance and style. In-line, front-wheel drive technology gives the Elite ES-1 excellent stability and maneuverability for solid performance indoors and out.  Available in red and blue.

Features include:

– Maximum speeds up to 4 mph – 32.5″ Turning radius
– Maximum range up to 12 miles – Chair width of 22.75″
– Maximum weight 300 lbs. – Maximum Seat Size of 20″W x 20″D

Additional Information:

– Heaviest piece weighs 68.5 lbs. – Seat weighs 43 lbs. (high-back)
– Billing code K0816 – 9″ drive wheels
– 2x 12v, U-1 batteries – Each battery weighs 24.5 lbs.



Jazzy Elite ES-1 Owner’s Manual