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What to do with your used power wheelchair or scooter

What to do With Your Used Mobility Device

Most insurance plans allow for replacement of power wheelchairs or scooters every five years. For those with insurance, this is a great opportunity to upgrade to a more advanced scooter or wheelchair or to find a device that better suits your specific needs. For those who do not qualify for their mobility device through insurance, this is also an opportunity to get a power wheelchair or scooter at a price they can afford.

There are many options when deciding what to do with your used power wheelchair or scooter. Choosing to donate your used mobility equipment can open doors to those who otherwise may not be able to afford the devices they need. Many church organizations and groups gladly accept the donation of used mobility equipment. These organizations are able to bypass insurance regulations and directly reach out to those in the community that are in need of mobility devices.

Another option when considering what to do with your old wheelchair or scooter is to donate to thrift stores such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army. While your donation will be for sale, the proceeds will help to benefit your local community through jobs, trainings, services, and more.

If your used mobility equipment was previously purchased through Aeroflow Healthcare, Aeroflow does offer our customers the option of having one of our team members come out to pick the device up. Because different DME providers offer various brands and models of mobility equipment, Aeroflow is only able to pick up those devices that we specifically distributed. With these old devices we are able to repurpose and recycle the functioning and non-functioning parts into other mobility devices that may be in need of repair.

No matter which option you choose when deciding what to do with your used mobility equipment, insurance offers you the opportunity to now receive a new mobility device. If you believe that your medical necessities have changed, you may be able to receive an upgrade from the device that you currently have. For example, if your level of mobility has changed and you previously had a scooter, you may now qualify for a power wheelchair so that your mobility can be enhanced. Speak with your healthcare provider to determine if you are eligible for a new type of mobility device.

Once you have decided what type of mobility equipment is right for you, Aeroflow Healthcare can help you acquire your new device through insurance. Simply complete our Qualify Through Insurance form and one of our Patient Care Representatives will review your insurance information and contact you to discuss your coverage and options. You can also check out Aeroflow Healthcare’s selection of power wheelchairs and scooters by visiting our website.

If you have any questions about what to do with your old power wheelchair or scooter, or have questions regarding insurance, give Aeroflow Healthcare a call at 844-686-5539; we’re here to help!

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